NBA-AGC: Step by Step Guide on How to Pick Up Conference Tablet

Conference Tablet

Below is a guide on how to pick up the conference Tablet as announced by the NBA -AGC 2017 Media & Communication Unit

1 Distribution of the tablets will commence from the North on Tuesday 8th August ,2017 and all duly registered conferees will receive SMS and or email notifications for collection.

2 Upon receipt of notification, each conferee is to proceed to his selected pick up centre with a means of identification (passport, drivers licence) in hand.

3  Each conferee will be issued a free Airtel sim and required to register same at the pick up center (as required by law) in order to get the sim activated.

4  Upon completion of 3 and 4 above, conferees will receive NBA-AGC tablets and access card.5. Only conferees who completed registration properly and uploaded their photo will receive access card.

5 Conferees who corrected their registration following the TCCP’s earlier notice and advise, will pick up access cards at the conference venue in Lagos.

6 Submission of inaccurate emails and or phone numbers may result in non receipt of text and or SMS as stated in “1” above and pick up for this group of conferees will also be in Lagos.

7 Default pick up in Lagos will commence on Friday 18th August 2017.

8 Conferees MUST wait to receive notification before visiting the Airtel pick up centers.

The TCCP reaffirms its commitment to ensuring seamless distribution.

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