NBA Conferees to Take Psychometric Test – Prof Konyi Ajayi

Pof Konyi Ajayi SAN

As part of its effort to make this year’s NBA AGC world class, the Conference Planning Committee have planned for lawyers who would be attending the conference to  digitally take a psychometric test. This tool for measuring work behaviour, talent and deploying skills according to the TCCP would be provided by Philips Consulting and Thomas International.

Read in details:

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

 We are less than four weeks to the highly anticipated Bar Conference which represents the continuity of a brave new Bar. The conference which is organized in line with the vision of the current bar leadership is aimed at providing a face changing world class forum in Africa that will leave a legacy for our continent and society at large.

 As promised, we are set to host a bevy of professionals from different parts of the world with the hope of facilitating business development, investment in the African economies, and valuable networking opportunities with innovators and pacesetters from around the world. This, apart from all else, is to inspire and build the next generation of the African Bar. Participating at the conference will be world leaders, military brass, Ivy League academics, business icons, seasoned speakers and our champion. They will deliver a bequest of immeasurable knowledge and indeed a networking platform for delegates across board.

 At the core of our objectives is the delivery on our promise to organize a transformative digital conference and provide a global paperless revolution. We are, as promised, providing work-enabling tablets fully loaded with pre-installed legal research applications. These are sim and data, and will for the most part be for a (1) one year fully paid subscription. At the touch of your screen will be best in class legal research applications which offer bespoke and first class law reporting services containing materials on decisions of Superior Courts in Nigeria, Tribunals, Sharia Courts, as well as foreign research materials and judicial precedents. Rules of all superior courts of record, laws of the Federation and incredible legal analytics is what our delegates will get. We have partnered in this regard with Legalpedia Nigeria Limited who have the most extensive bouquet of legal resource in the market; as well as Law Breed Limited who provide the only precise representation of our apex court’s decisions. For the commercial bar we have first in class Commercial Law Report of Nigeria.

 Perhaps more important is the world class tool for measuring work behavior, determining talent and deploying skills. In partnership with Phillips Consulting and Thomas International, all delegates will digitally take a psychometric test application during the conference. This as mentioned provides

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personal profile analysis to aid our personal and human capital development in our various institutions. The dogged barrister, the incisive solicitor, the tenant and pupil, the principal and counsel – all in business and employment will be open to a new world.

 What to say about our panel of motivators, innovators, litigators: knowledge sharing; knowledge development; strategic learning; image building and 360 branding … Lest we forget: come watch out for the Governors’ Forum; the NBA UN Forum; the Great Economic Debate and on top of it all conversation with the Ag. President.

 It will not be all business. Delegates come to our Friendship Centre and enjoy; go to the Conference Market Place to relax; watch the awarding winning Saro; get unBarRed with our leading artistes; and serenade with our best at the President’s dinner.

In line with our mandate to ensure active participation at the Conference by accommodating as many interested persons as possible, we have increased the number of our electronic devices by a great margin and extended the early bird registration period to obtain these materials, till 28 July 2017.

 The one (1) week extension thus ends by midnight today 27th July, 2017. Further to this development, new rates shall apply from 12 midnight today and all persons who register beyond this date shall be required to pay the regular fees as stated on the website.

Yours faithfully,

NBA Technical Committee on Conference Planning 2017

Prof. Konyinsola Ajayi, SAN


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