NBA2017 AGC: A Means to an End – Abdulmuhsin Abubakar Wakawa Esq.

Muhsin Wakawa

It is no longer news that the Nigerian Bar Association led by Mr. Abubakar Balarabe Mahmoud SAN and the #NBA2017AGC TCCP led by Professor Koyinsola Ajayi SAN, have DELIVERED on their promise of giving each conferee the following items as part of the benefits for registering to attend the #NBA2017AGC:

1 A Tablet which will be equipped with LegalPedia, Law Breed and conference materials. The above item was delivered with an addition of Commercial Law Report of Nigeria (CLRN). ✔

2 Access card which shall be the pass for admission into all UN-TICKETED #NBA2017AGC event. This has also been delivered to all those that complied with the directives of the TCCP to that effect.✔

3 Delivery at conferee’s location of choice, which has also been complied with by the NBA TCCP.✔

Below are my observations from comments and observations making rounds on social media, arising from the development.

1 The tab is substandard- It cannot be hidden that the tablets are not as expected by the average Nigerian, but the Tablet is the first of its kind with regards to NBA which is a welcome development.

2 Legalpedia and other contents- the contents of the tablets given by NBA and TCCP will cost anybody wanting to lay his hands on same an average of #50,000 (minimum to secure), this was also given free of charge. Also, some have said that the applications are not working. To this effect, kindly visit the Legalpedia YouTube channel, a video has been provided for a step by step guide on how to set up the legalpedia

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3- Delivery: Like it or not, not everyone that registers for conference attends! Some go as far as attending the conference for a day just to get their materials and in some cases some end up not getting. But this tradition of risking lives and spending money on transport just to lay hands on materials has been curbed by the current administration which is a step to progress.


With regard to the above three developments on the #NBA2017AGC, the current administration of NBA and TCCP has shown to not only Nigerian Lawyers but to everyone out there,  that there is hope for development, it just takes the courage of starting somewhere.

I want to set the minds of my colleagues to the future and not the present. This development should be seen as a wake up call and a minimum setting for anyone coming as the next NBA president, because, whoever the polls produces, must be ready (willingly or unwillingly) to build on the current state of affairs as HE CANNOT give below the minimum standard set by the current administration.

Conclusively, I urge all conferee to see this from the optimistic view, that it is just a step to making NBA greater and turn deaf ears to our colleagues who had doubts as to the realization of the promise of the NBA and have already set their minds to criticize, not minding what the outcome is.



#ABraveNewBar is achievable and we can do it.


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Abdulmuhsin Abubakar Wakawa Esq (


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