New Roadmap of the Lagos State Judiciary


Honourable Justice Opeymi Oke presents the new roadmap for the Lagos State Judiciary as follows:

1. It is now mandatory for all staff of the Judiciary to sign the Oath of Confidentiality and Employee Pledge as part of measures to elevate ethics in judicial administration. They handle every sensitive matters, and we should follow the global best practice. 

2. Introduction of a Backlog Elimination Programme to tackle about 4000 cases aged between five to twenty years. Justice delayed is Justice denied, and in the Lagos Judiciary, we seek to ensure speedy delivery of Justice. We would establish a Statistics Department to generate relevant data to expedite resolution of cases.

3. Establishment of Fast Track and Small Claims units at magistrate courts.

4, Further, we would review the Fast Track Process and extend Fast Track to all Divisions of the Court – General Civil, Criminal, Lands, Family & Probate.

5. Creation of an Alternative Dispute Resolution Court, as agreed by the stakeholders at the two day summit organised January 30-31, 2017 by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice.
6. The incorporation of the traditional institution in the ADR process. 

7. Restructuring of the Lagos Multi – Door Court House and working with the Lagos State House of Assembly to establish Mediation Centres at Local Government levels as part of measures to ensure justice gets to the grassroots. 

8. Establishment of a Judicial Training Institute to build capacity and introduction of the Judicial Clerkship Programme to foster town and gown interaction and collaboration. 

9. The review of some outdated laws in conjunction with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice. 

10. Introduction of a mobile application for accessing information of cases by lawyers and stakeholders. 

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