The Nigerian Bar Association Identification Card


The world over, there is a push towards providing greater value for services rendered. To this end, the Nigerian Bar Association, the umbrella association of lawyers is keying into this ideology and seeks to bring forward a Unified Multipurpose Identification (UMID) Card to be known as the Bar Card. This card utilizes a microchip embedded in a smart card that will contain all the details relating to the bearer such as: 

  • The Name of the Lawyer
  • A Passport Photograph
  • Supreme Court Enrolment Number

This Identity card will serve the multiple purpose of identifying a lawyer, as it will serve as a Debit card for ATM, POS and Online Transactions. Subsequently, the card will be used for the payment of Bar Practicing fees and all NBA conferences. Furthermore, presentation of the Card entitles a Lawyer to a variety of discount packages negotiated by NBA. This card will be issued to all lawyers who have been verified and whose data is in the NBA Data Base. The card will be is issued at no cost. There are however certain basic requirements that qualifies a lawyer to apply for the card. The lawyer subscribing for the Bar card, must have: 

  • Paid up his/her Bar Practicing Fees for the Year;
  • been verified and had his/her data enrolled in the NBA Data Base
  • been issued with a valid enrolment number captured in the NBA Database.
  • Have a passport sized photograph measuring 


Once you satisfy the criteria to sign_up click the link below. 

Please be sure to visit frequently for current updates on the Bar card and its features.

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