Nigerian Lawyer Allegedly Dupes Orphans, Disappears with their Late Father’s Title Documents


A Nigerian lady who identified herself as Alicia Ashade has cried out to Nigerians to help her find one Mr Olawuni Peters who allegedly duped her and her sibling. Alicia, in an exclusive message to explained how the man who claimed to be Barrister Olawuni Peters showed up and demanded Alicia’s brother handover late Ashade’s properties documents to him. Peters reportedly claimed to be late Ashade’s lawyer and asked for the documents so he could keep it safe from Ashade’s extended family whom he said might want to take it away from the orphans.

Below is a full story sent to by Alicia Ashade:

“My name is Alicia Ashada, first daughter of Late M.A. Ashada. My dad passed on 1st June 2016. The day he passed away, a man whom we came to know as Mr Olawuni Peters visited the Hospital and introduced himself as Barrister Olawuni Peters to my younger brother who was with my dad the day he died and that he was our dad’s lawyer. He ordered my brother to go home quickly and retrieve documents of my dad’s landed properties and hand it over to him for safekeeping, because according to him he doesn’t want our relatives to take advantage of my dad’s death.”

“My brother complied. It’s almost a year now ever since Barrister Olawuni Peters received my father’s landed properties documents. “All attempts to have him return the documents to us have been fruitless. We have made several requests to meet with him which he has deliberately frustrated.

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“He kept telling us one story or the other, anytime we get him on phone, as to the reasons why he is unavailable to meet with us and give us back our dad’s properties documents. To compound the whole issue, we don’t even know if he is a lawyer as he claimed nor do we have a physical address of his law firm/chambers or residence in Ibadan where he operates from.

“This step is my last recourse to get in touch with him because lately he has permanently switched off his phone the only means we use to communicate with him and I can no longer reach him.

“We are suffering and Mr Olawuni Peters is holding our dad’s properties hostage. I am using this medium to appeal to the Nigeria Bar Association (Ibadan Branch) to confirm if Mr. Olawuni Peters is one of it’s members and also appealing to God fearing Nigerians who know this man to please beg him to return back our Dad’s documents to us.”

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