No to Expiration of NBA Stamps – Join the Campaign, Sign The Petition Now!


Innocent Ekpen an Associate with Aluko & Oyebode has commenced a vigorous campaign against the expiration of the NBA Stamp. In a petition page set up  in, Mr. Ekpen wrote:

NO to Expiration of NBA Stamps!!!

The decision by the Nigerian Bar Association to generate stamps for lawyers, pursuant to the provision of the RPC, is a welcome development. It ensures inter alia that persons who authenticate documents as legal practitioners are exactly who they claim to be. 

However, it is difficult to see the need for imposing expiration date on such stamps. It adds nothing to the raison d’être for introducing the stamps in the first place. Rather, the practice engenders avoidable waste of resources. 

If the reason is so that the NBA continues to make money from the production and sale of stamps; then, it is a no brainer that the body will still do so without quickening the death of the stamps already sold. 

The sensible thing to do is to do away with the expiration date on the stamps. Since the NBA is the only authorized ‘retail’ outlet for stamps, every legal practitioner who exhausts his stamps will always return to buy more. 

We can protect the integrity of our trade while adopting common sense solutions. 

I invite you, my colleagues, to join me and bring an end to this unhealthy ‘NAFDAC-like’ system. 

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