No Greek Gift in this Yuletide – An Advice to My Lords

Photo session: Lagos High Court Judges (file)

This time of the year, there are several “packages” that would be flying around the courts. Bags of rice for Registrars of Courts and Heads of Departments and Sections in Court, Customized Diaries for Courts, Hampers for My Lords, the list is endless. This tradition is prominent amongst the top tier law firms. It’s only lawyers of means that can afford the kind of investment that go into this venture.

The recent events in the judiciary has questioned the appropriateness of the “gifts” distributed in seasons like this. There has been a widely celebrated view that “gifts” to judges is an act of corruption. I am not going to attempt an opinion on this argument. I only have an advice for MY Lords.

My Lords, majority of those who bring those “gifts/hampers” to your Lordship’s court are those who pollute the air waves with their opinion that the act of giving “gifts” to judges amount to corruption. They refuse to tell the world that during seasons like this, they customize diaries and present them to Your Lordships. I would not expect that they would bring their two left legs to Your Lordships courts to present any manner of “gift” this period.

Some of them do not know that those things they bring to My Lords do not leave the gates of the courts. My Lords are well taken care of and do not need any gift from any lawyer or law firm even during this season of love (I am not sure there is any love lost between the Bar and the Bench at the moment).

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My Lords, here is my humble advise. Any “gift” brought to My Lords’ court should be returned to the lawyer or law firm with a covering letter. The letter should be copied to the Lawyer’s NBA Branch. The letter should also be copied to NJC.

Everybody should go and bear his father’s name!!!


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