Novotel C of O Revocation: Lawyer Writes Open Letter to Rivers CJ

Adubabari Mankie-tanen

A Port Harcourt based Lawyer and Managing Partner of MANKIE-JURIS CHAMBERS Adubabari Mankie-tanen has written an open letter to the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice Rivers State advising that caution be exercised on the issues relating to an order issued by the Governor of Rivers State for the revocation of the C of O of a popular Port Harcourt hotel Novotel on the ground that the hotel had become a notorious spot where elections are rigged.

See the uncut letter for yourself and make your deductions:


 Hon. Attorney General Sir,

I greet you from my Heart.

This is my second Letter to you. The first was on the Matter related to move to Frustrate the Release of the former Chairman of Asari-Tori Local Government Area from the Port Harcourt Prison.

 I am doing this present Letter based on the movement of my mystic inside, which is usually beyond Fanciful and Cosmetic Legal semantics.

The matter on hand or under focus in this letter is the REVOCATION OF THE CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY of NOVOTEL HOTEL following certain Security breach related matter. This is the Letter I sent to the Governor on the matter on 31st July, 2017:…

I am somehow forced to do this Letter because you are the CHIEF LAW OFFICER OF RIVERS STATE in the present. In that light, no explanation whatsoever can relieve your Office of not being in the know of the present Action of Revocation of the C of O of NOVOTEL by the Governor of Rivers State.

In my said first letter to you, I drew your attention to the Political Issues that CONSUMED your immediate Predecessor in Office, WOGU BOMS,ESQ and called for CARE even in the face of Pressure.

This present matter to me is another Case in similar direction. I am not competent to Teach you Law. The present matter is certainly beyond mere Technicality. It touches on POLICY which would affect the Future of Rivers State and so POLITICAL PRIDE MUST be kept aside in dealing with this matter. The FUTURE of Rivers State MUST be considered and seeing as Superior to personal ego. The Argument by some Victims of LOCAL CIRCULATION within the corridor of Power,which cannot survive GLOBALIZATION REALITIES should be Ignored. Such Argument relies on the evident Faulty Actions of the current Hon. Minister of Transportation while in Office as Governor, who was certainly Ignorant of some of his Legal Actions.

I have stated before that the Societal Legitimate expectations on the present Government in Rivers State is very High. High because the Governor is a LAWYER. Maturity MUST be displayed in the face of obvious Temptation that can Divert and Derail this Administration.

 Senior, note that whatever Action the Governor is taking cannot be Denied by you.The present matter therefore falls on your Legal Table for appropriate Advice.

Permit me to end this Letter by saying that HUMILITY is not STUPIDITY but STRENGTH under CONTROL.

POLITICAL PRIDE should be Suspended in the greater interest of the Future if Rivers State in the light of GLOBALIZATION

May WISDOM, rather that Deadly past Precedent, guide this Administration in Rivers State.

Thank you very kindly for the opportunity.

Yours faithfully,

Solicitor & Advocate,Notary Public

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