Oga Lawyer: Jagajaga Kpuffing of Small Pikin for Inside Nija Law

Oweh Anthony

My dear piple, d Jagajaga kpuffing of pikin (Infanticide) na one kain yeye level wen dey happen day by day for naija and we must to stop dis kolo doings.

If oga madam kpuff her pikin korokoro without local highness nd dat pikin neva reach 12 months, nd at d time wen she dey mud d pikin be like say small scores dey  her brain cos she no dey ok becos of the way wen she take born, our law go hole am for wetin oyibo dey call ‘ INFANTICIDE’ unda sec 327A of our law wen dey in charge of okoso doings Omila Code (Criminal Code Act).

The next one na to mud pikin wen still dey inside he maleh warehouse (Abortion). Any winshi or wizzo wen stop pikin wen dey Belle to kom out alive by any which way, the law go hole the okpokpite say naim kpuff the pikin. And dis Kain person go go kirikiri till Bros J go kom again. Sec 328 of our Omila Code.

Any woman or sherikoko wen onto mumu levels go drink shekpe, morkite or oda yeye tins ,or use initial-gragra for her body becos say she wan comot belle, na abortion be dat oooo and she go school for kirikiri for seven years. Sec 229. Also, person wen do the runs wen the shenkes take comot belle go slip Okere for 3years.

Finally, dear shenkes, sherikoko,shima nd runs babes, if u nor go fit carry belle or u nor wan born pikin at all at all, den nor chop d carrot at all. Learn to control ur level becos if u carry belle and u comot am, or u kpuff d pikin after u don drop engine, if dem gbab u Na wahala ooooo. Small pikin wey talk say e go shake iroko tree, Na Im head he go shake. Nor be d way u take drink water na u go use take drink pepper soup oooo. Learn to dey use ur akanuche. So make u shine ur eye Weller.

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Oweh Anthony is a Lawyer based in Lagos. A writer, media/ property consultant.

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