Oga Lawyer Series (II): Help Me For My Business


My friend  Chukwudi wey  get one small shop where e dey sell spare part for inside Ladipo market for Lagos come meet me beg me say make I help am out for one issue wey concern im business.

Na the story wey im tell me be this…

E tell me say e get some people for inside market wey get big big sign board wey them write one kind fine name put. As if that one never do, dey still carry the name put for the paper wey them dey take  write letter and find me come card (the one wey oyinbo  dey call “Letterhead and complimentary card”). E say all this thing come dey totori am for body as them take arrange their business.  Na so my friend enter Ladipo o, as im see one big oga wey im own market dey sell well well, na so e go arrange copy the name wey the big oga put for im shop put for big sign post carry am go put for im own shop. Na there my friend take enter trouble o. No do no do, big oga carry court summon come meet my friend say make him sharp sharp commot the name as im be the only person wey get right to use the name. Shoo?  My friend say wetin happen? Say na only him go fit use name? My friend say people come dey use small boy eye dey look am o. Na so im carry the matter come my doormot

Na the thing wey I tell am be this…

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I tell Chukwudi say wetin that big oga do dey correct sake of say e don go register that  name wey im put for im own signpost for the place wey them dey register business. (oyinbo them dey call am Corporate Affairs Commission (“CAC” for short)).

For this matter so, e get different type of company and business venture wey dey for Nigeria. Na the type wey person want and how that person want make the business big reach na im go determine the type when im go choose.

You go fit register business name. That one mean good for small business and e dey quick to register. To register that one too na only chikini money you go spend.

If na business wey commot body well well,  you go fit register the one wey them dey call Limited Company. All na to give your business that unique identity. As their names be, na so them dey different. Na oga lawyer go fit explain the one wey go good for the kind business wey you dey do for you well well.

How you go take register this your business?

First, you go do wetin them dey call for oyinbo Availability Search:  Wetin that one mean be say, you go choose two names, dem go check am for that CAC office to know whether another person don use am. If person never use am, CAC go keep the name for you for 60 days within which you go now go register am.

Second thing wey you go do na to come feel the orishirishi form, pay money, then CAC go come give you wetin  oyinbo dey call Incorporation Certificate. That one na certificate wey go get your company name. As them give you the certificate so, na only you go fit use the name take do business for Nigeria be that o. Any body wey try go use am, na wetin that big oga do my friend Chukwudi you self go do am.

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The advantage we  follow registration plenty. You fit print business card, you fit put the name on top your shop or even do advert. On top of that you fit open account for your shop with the name and na that one go helep you separate business money from your own. For the whole of Nigeria na only you go fit use the name

If you need more tori or you want register your own business run go meet lawyers o na our work be that.

Damilola Abayomi.

Dami is a media consultant at DNL Partners. She is also the founder and creative director of thefoodandfunhub.com. She is a lawyer, writer and entrepreneur.

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