Oga Lawyer Series: Oga Lawyer, Abeg na Who Get Right to Sue Person Under Our Law for Naija

Oweh Anthony

E dey good to know say the law for Naija recognize only two persons wen fit carry matter go court. And this two people na

  1. True true Person (Natural person): True true person na the ordinary person like me and you wen dey read this thing and wen still get life for body, person wen get sense and wen get mind. In fact na person wen know him left from right, wen get flesh and blood.
  2. Person for law (Juristic Person): Dis na person wen be say the law take im hand make am person. E no get mind, e no get flesh and blood, e no dey see, e no even get human body, but the law say na person. Beta example Na companies or churches or any group wen don register with Corporate Affairs Commission wen dey for Abuja.

However, we fit yarn say person wen fit sue or wen dem fit sue Na person wen law don see finish.

Also, e get some ogbonge offices for Naija wen fit drag person go court or person fit drag them go court. Dis offices na offices wen be say na the law na im create dem (creation of statute or provided for in the Constitution). Example na the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation / State. If for instance you get kwata with korofo, na the Inspector General of Police na im u go sue if the matter na away match. But if the matter na mata wen happen for local, u go sue the Commissioner of Police for that particular state where the level for happen.

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Finally,before you waka go court, you need to ask yourself plenty questions:

  • I dey normal at all?
  • I don dey mature enough to go court
  • The person wen I wan sue, na person for law, abi na animal
  • The person wen I dey sue dey live or he don waka?
  • If na company, wetin be the registered name and address of this company wen I wan sue sef?

My dear piple always go meet your lawyer for advice every month. No just dey think say you know everything finish. Na lie! You nor go fit know pass your lawyer. Lawyer know everything finish na im make oyibo dey call us Learned. And make you nor dey lie give your lawyer becaus even God sef go punish you if you lie give your lawyer wen e be say im want help your life.

Nor be anything wen just happen you go begin rush go court. See how you fit settle the matter with the other person. Nor forget say nor be who first go police na im dey win case.

Have A Great Weekend. And See You Next Week…,

Oweh Anthony na Lagos Lawyer wey sabi.

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