Oga Lawyer Series V: Wetin be wills?

Today we want talk about one important thing wey people dey always fear to talk about. That na the thing wey Oyibo dey call WILL.
Will na the things wey somebody want make e happen after him don die. Will dey two types, E get the type wey person fit use him mouth talk (oyibo dey call am “Oral) or the one wey the person write down (Written). The one wey we go talk about now na the one wey dem write down.
Will wey dem write down suppose get the following things:
1. The person wey write am must die before the Will go fit dey used. Na im lawyers dey call ‘testamentary’.
2. The person wey write am fit change am anytime until him die. Na im lawyers dey call ‘ambulatory’.
3. The person wey write am must do am with free mind, without force or pressure from anybody.
4. The Will must dey written, signed and other people must witness am as the law talk sey make dem witness am.
5. The Will must talk about the properties and the people wey go get am.
The Will fit dey written anyhow. Wetin important be sey all the things wey dey no. 1- 5 for up must dey there.
Why e dey good to write Will?
1. To avoid problem. If somebody no write im Will, if him die na as im people dey share property na im dem go share im property. So, person wey im no want to share inside im property fit join, and person wey im want to give something fit no get anything. E get some family wey go even say female children no suppose get anything for their papa property. Some family members go even pursue wife of deceased commot from inside the dead person house.
2. When somebody write will, him get the power to choose the people wey go help am share im property. So, im fit choose good good people wey im know.
3. Person fit use Will find people wey go take care of him children. Im fit use am help other people too. Him fit use am talk how e want make them bury am.
4. Will dey save money and time. The people wey go share the property fit start their work but if Will no dey, dem go need to go court go collect letter (oyibo dey call am Letter of Administration). E dey cost and e dey waste time. And sometime self, some people go even carry wahala go court on top the person wey die come stop im immediate family make them take over the property
5. Will dey cause peace of mind. Because na as somebody want na im dem go share im property. E no go cause quarrel.
Next time we go discuss more on wetin dem dey call the different people wey dey show for will. Because na very important document, e good to call lawyer before you write your Will.

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