Oga Lawyer Series: Write Am Down


Plenty quarrel full market. Somebody go talk sey Na 10 carton e want dem go bring 6. Anoda person go say im pay for 8 bags but Na 5 and 1/2 dem give am. E even get one of my bros wey give one of im broda 2million Naira to buy things Come from China. That one come die before im travel. Im pipo talk sey dem no go pay am the money because im no get anything to show sey e give their broda dat kain money.

This kain thing dey happen every day. Na im make we want discuss wetin oyinbo dey call ‘contract’.

Contract na agreement wey one person enter into with anoda person wey dem want make e dey very solid and make the parties for do their parts. Na the kind of agreement wey the law go support. So if one person no do im own part of the agreement, the oda person fit carry am go court make them for judge am and force am to do im part.

No be every agreement fit go court o. Example of matter wey no fit reach court na:

  1. Play play something: e get some things wey somebody go promise anoda person and im no mean am. The two of them know sey dem just dey Play. Dat kain one, no enter court.
  1. Agreement to do bad thing: Lai! lai! Instead of to listen to dem, na to punish dem sey dem even plan bad thing go happen.
  1. Husband to wife, papa to pikin: Dis ones Na house matter. E no Consain anybody. Dis na just some of dem o. E still remain some.

Because Na about business we dey talk and because e no good make person for take business dey play, we go now tell una why e dey good make you for write any agreement wey you enter with another person down.  E go good make you write any agreement wey consain business because:

  1. Person go fit forget: To save yourself wahala of d thing wey we talk before, if we write am down, e go dey easy to remember wetin we suppose do or wetin anoda person suppose do.
  1. One party fit die: If one person die, wetin person write down go allow the other person collect wetin d one wey die dey owe am from the people wey dey manage im property. And if na the person wey die, im family fit use the agreement collect wetin dem owe am. Dat one mean sey, the agreement wey them enter go continue even if one of them die.
  1. E dey make am easy to carry person go court: court sef go know sey this one na serious matter. Money matter na serious one o!

E still get more things wey we go discuss about contract. Like wetin be contract wey the law go recognize sey dem do am well.( dat one wey lawyers dey call valid contract), wetin be the age when person go fit enter contract, if person wey me and am enter contract come dey do any how, how I go take collect wetin I don put for inside the contract. Na all these and other things we go still tell una about contract. So no comot eye for this place because next week, we go continue.

 Remember say for you to do wetin dey very good for the law, e good make you always show lawyer any contract you wan enter.

Damilola Abayomi.

Dami is a media consultant at DNL Partners. She is also the founder and creative director of thefoodandfunhub.com. She is a lawyer, writer and entrepreneur.

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