Oga Lawyer Series: Wetin be Defamation

Oweh Anthony

Defamation na d yeye running down of another person for public wen dey for record. Also, it must be sumthing wen be say go run down person sotay Street people go kom dey look down on the person.

Also, e dey important to know say nor be every opata yarnings wen person yarn naim be defamation oooo. We get two types of defamation wen oyibo dey call LIBEL & SLANDER.

  1. LIBEL: This Na wen person write d opata yarnings just the way e take talk without say e add salt and banga spice or he remove pepper comot from inside.
  2. SLANDER: This Na wen person just yarn d tin puaaa like that without say he write am for paper.

For person to make way for any defamation case, he must talk say d person wen he carry come court write the yeye yarnings for ground of which he know say na him dem dey talk about and the person wen write am don dey use am dey do tatafo for area becos he wan just cast you finish.

My dear piple, nor forget say na from clap naim dem take dey enter dance becos if you respect yourself I nor tink say one idiot go come tell u rubbish. Who nor go nor go fit know at all. I nor fit climb- Na for ground dem dey talk am oooo. I no greee naim dey tear trouser.

Learn to dey use your number six . And for u wen dey yarn opata, nor forget say trouble dey slip but Na yanga go wake am. Make sure say u start wetin u go fit finish because thing wen dey sweet belle like goat intestine fit kpuff person too.

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Oweh Anthony na Lagos Lawyer wey sabi.

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