Oga Lawyer: Wetin be Rape Under Our Naija Law

Oweh Anthony

Rape nor be something wen dey new to us becos Na almost everyday we dey hear say omila dey force their gbola inside the kpekus of shima (babe) without permission.

Section,357 of our law wen dey guide omila activities and wen oyibo dey call Criminal Code, talk say Rape Na wen person use gragra or gbagbati take pound the banga of a woman or babe without her permission, or even wen permission dey kpakpa, he use gragra take get am; or if Na woman wen dem don pay for her head, the person kom dey act like say Na him be the woman husband, dey guilty of wetin oyibo dey call Rape.

Who Fit Commit Rape?

According to section 30 of our omila law wen oyibo dey call Criminal Code, e talk say boy pikin wen dey under the age of 12 years never get mind or dey incapable to nack woman. Person wen fit nack woman anyhow without her consent Na guy or boy pikin wen don mature and naim oyibo dey talk say he don reach the age of puberty.

E dey very important to take note say man wen don pay for him woman head nor go fit dey guilty of rape. The only reason wen we go fit hold such man for local say he commit rape Na if the marriage don cast or court don divide dem and the court kom talk say make the woman nor stay with the man again. If the man kom form I too know to nack the woman unto the banga pounding, Na rape be that ooooo.

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Okoso Doings ( Canal Knowledge)

For you to succeed for any rape case, you must prove say okoso doings take place. E nor dey enough to talk say the guy blow catarrh from him carrot put for babe kpekus or pigeon hole. The smallest shukuli of the kpekus dey enough to prove rape. The shukuli or banga pounding aspect naim make rape be rape.


For any woman or shima (babe) to succeed for rape mata, the consent wen she nor gree give the guy dey very important ooo. And the olopa or lawyer wen dey stand for the woman must talk say the guy nack the woman or babe despiter her age and no consent. No be excuse say the victim (babe) Na strong okpo or ashawo ,or the guy don dey nack her before and she dey gree. If he use gragra take get consent, that one nor be consent at all at all. If bobo follow woman struggle sotay she kom weak and she nor get any option or means to take escape and the guy still do construction ontop her building site, consent nor dey there at all ooooo.

My Advice To Country Piple

My dear country PIPLE, I beg make we dey report any rape mata wen we see. Make our pikin dem dey dress well especially the ones wen be babes.

E dey vex me well well and I dey para wen I see slay- shima dey dress jaga-jaga. The way dem dey dress dey inviting and Na oyibo dey call invitation to treat.  Na rat wen dey house dey call the one wen dey outside say food dey inside house.

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To the guys, learn to control your long thing. If Na the long thing go lead you go kirikiri or okere, make u Kuku cut am comot na.  Escort me, escort me , Na slave trade take start ooo. Water wen dem take make eba nor dey ever return oooo. I nor gree, I nor gree, naim dey tear trouser ooo. If your neighbor bear bear catch fire, you go soak your own for water. Provision store beta pass kiosk. And pikin wen get dracular teeth must get kpomo lip to cover am.

See you next week.

Oweh Anthony is a Lawyer based in Lagos. A writer, media/ property consultant.

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