Oga Lawyer’s Series: How I Go Get Lawyer Do My Case


For this world, at some time, you go  get one gbege or another wey go make you seek for lawyer help to take solve am. E get some people wey go try do lawyer work by themselves sha o. They go do over sabi enter  court say them want be litigant and lawyer, but that one na the ones wey never see correct gbege. When you see correct gbege, you go know say you no fit use open eye do lawyer work if you no be lawyer. Again, e get some lawyers wey you go give your gbege and them go even give you the kind trouble wey pass the one wey you carry come give them. Different different issues n im dey for this “I dey find lawyer matter”.

Today, I wan give una guide on how them they take find the kind lawyer wey go good for take do your matter for court.

The My Friend Dash me Lawyer

For this life, I never see matter wey be say you carry go court make them say this kind one o, na the first time wey e dey happen. Someone somewhere go don get that kind case before. Na only the story go dey different.  When you get one kind matter like that, na that time you go see one of your friend or your friend’s friend or the person wey your friend’s friend know, or the family member of the friend of your friend wey don get that kind matter. Na them go tell you as them take use one lawyer for the kind matter. All you go need na to confirm from the person whether the lawyer handle im own matter well. Once them confirm say the lawyer na correct, n im be say you don get better lawyer for your mater be that.

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Good thing about this one be say, you go don use another person experience help yourself. This kind lawyers dey common when you want to do recovery of money o, property o, contract “I do I no do” o etc.

I See am for Action

For this world ehn, na where person do im work you go take no  how kajad for the work the person dey (that na practical experience) When you get court matter, na for court be the best place wey you go see correct lawyer wey go do your matter well. Shebi na you know the kind lawyer wey you want and you know how you want make im handle your case for you. In order make you no enter one chance, na to use your korokoro eye see the lawyer for action. Na where im dey do another person matter go good pass. This type they good for all those orishirishi criminal matters wey people dey get.

Na Him Make Noise Pass

E get some lawyers wey be say na noise making them like pass.  No be say their noise no good o. In fact, na because of the kind noise  and noise strategy wey them get na him make them popular.

The kind matter wey these kind lawyers dey sweet for, na the ones wey concern;  somebody wan deny you  of your right, somebody want take over wetin belong to you, government want use corner corner want take over wetin belong to person or community, police want take open eye harass person, one big man want take money cover justice etc. Them go use noise strategy join the whole thing. Gather all the media people join for the noise self.

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For this kind fight, e no go make sense make you go get lawyer wey be say him be ajebota. Person wey get bedroom voice no good too. Na to look around take see the person wey him noise loud pass. E fit be say the lawyer dey make the noise for radio or TV or for social media all you need na person wey dey make noise pass. Those ones go make sure say as them finish noise for court, the noise go continue for outside, even self reach Aso Rock.

Make I warn you sha o, no be all noise makers sabi the work o and no be all matter you go carry go meet these kind lawyers. Another one be say, e get some judges wey be say as you don start noise you don start your downfall be that.

When you wan choose lawyer, choose right. All lawyers sabi one part of these lawyer work or the other. When them tell you say this lawyer no good, e fit be say na only because you carry the one wey im no too sabi give am. That one mean say, no one lawyer sabi everything.

Until I come una wey next week to serve you another sumptuous tory, make una dey do normal o.

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