Pa Robert Clarke SAN’s Stylish Court Appearance


Could this dress sense be medically inclined?

The video below as captured on Channels TV News at 10 this evening is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria who appeared as defense counsel for Hon. Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia at her trial at the Lagos High Court this morning.I still cannot fathom how a Senior Advocate could have worn canvass shoes to court whilst dressed in the silk gown and barristers full compliment of outfit.We keep wondering why the standard of the legal profession is falling and tend to blame it on juniors . This is a very senior member of the bar and Senior Advocate of Nigeria. What examples could this be teaching the juniors who would see a Senior Advocate dressed like this? I am personally ashamed of this Senior Advocate and dare say he is an embarrassment to the profession. And the shame certainly couldn't escape the lenses of the cameras of Channels Television who aired it on their prime news at 10pm. This is a shame to the profession.

Posted by Hrm Babatunde Ogala on Monday, April 10, 2017

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