Paul Osuigwe; Lawyer Accused of Chasing Wife with Cutlass Speaks

Paul Osuigwe

Mr. Paul Osuigwe the Lagos Lawyer who was reportedly jailed one month for allegedly chasing his wife and children with cutlass has broken his silence by accusing his wife of attempting to destroy him all over again.

Mr. Osuigwe who confirmed spending 30 days and 30 nights in jail on the order of court, revealed that, the incident happened over a year ago and wondered why his now estranged wife brought up the issue again to the media. “I moved on with my life and yet again after 14 months of my incarceration, the woman has gone again to destroy me by bringing up the story again in PM News and I am now trending in the negative.”

Read his uncut account below:

For an allegedly chasing his wife with cutlass and  I had issues with a woman whom I used to call my wife. The woman alleged that I was not taking care of my children. She took me to all police formations dealing on child care up to the commissioner of Police Lagos. They told her if the man has provided accommodation, food, built a school in which two of his children attends while the first two is in another school in Ibadan, provides medicals, what else do you. They advised to seek for peace as whoever is advising her is leading her to path of prediction. 

She forged ahead and reported to welfare. I was invited but because I was not in town, it was rescheduled. Before the rescheduled day, welfare probably acting on superior orders took it to a family court. Whilst this was on, to avoid stories like this, I moved out of my house in Awoyaya and relocated to Abraham adesanya estate Ajah. The date the matter came up at the family court, again I was absent. The nature of my job takes me out of Lagos. At the first sitting, the honourable magistrate issued a bench warrant for my arrest. I came to court to find out the next adjourned date from the prosecutor and therein I was arrested. The grounds being that allegations bordering on criminal nature was made by my then wife. I escaped detention by Grace and came to court on the next adjourned date. The criminal allegation was dismissed. 

Since I was brought to court that an only son of igbo father is not taking care of four children 2 boys and girls God blessed me with, I quickly narrated in details what I have done for my children including the fact that I bought land, built a one story building, equipped it and bought an air conditioned bus which I handed over to my so called wife to manage. I also told the magistrate that I have housed my parents in law is both the father and mother of my so called wife for more than five years and as at this time they were still living in my house. The magistrate after hearing me said in open court that probably I married a nollywood wife. 

In order to end the matter, I brought a motion asking the court to even make it an order of court that I will do anything more to cater for my children if the those mentioned are not enough including hiring and paying a cook since my so called wife has not entered the kitchen from the time the parents moved to my house. 

The matter was adjourned severally as the true reason for coming to court manifested which was I should be sponsoring a school from the little I make of the school which the woman against all my advice has refused to run well. 

Suddenly after a court session on a Thursday, I came to the house to meet with other tenants I had in the house. The woman I married came back with my last two children after a night out. The last daughter saw me and ignored me probably having been  fed with lies since by then I have been out of the house for about three months. I told her to kneel down and all hell broke loose. My so called wife started screaming and people gathered. To avoid stories that touch the heart, I quickly left. I was in my guest house and police came to arrest me. I went to the station and explained that I never touched a cutlass neither have I ever laid my hands on her for the fourteen years we were married. I was let go after calling witnesses. 

She went back to the court without my knowledge or that of my counsel and made a report straight to the magistrate. The magistrate without a formal charge issued a bench warrant and the police invited me, arrested me and took me to court the next day. She didn’t sit and directed I should come back the next day. 

Not knowing the charge and believing there would have been a mix up, I came to court unrepresented, the magistrate therein informed me of the report privately made to her. The accuser being my so called wife was not called to give evidence, I tried to explain but it dawned on me that I have walked into craftily planned conspiracy. I asked for adjournment to call witnesses it was refused. I asked that my accuser should testify so that I can cross examine, that was refused, I asked that my last child whom the magistrate said corroborated the report be called, that was refused and there and then on the afternoon of June 16 2016, the magistrate slammed me with one month imprisonment at Ikoyi prisons. My long March to prison started, hungry desolate and weak. 

All efforts made to up turn this judgment were frustrated and I served 30 days and 30 nights in prison for an offence I did not commit. I am shading tears writing this. 

While in prison, the woman I married moved out packing everything in the house including my certificates and went ahead to post my imprisonment in the next. 

I bore my shame and continued with my life. On my release, I instituted a divorce proceeding which has been granted, I continued with the payment of school fees for my children, buying clothes and everything other thing a father should do as they are not part of the problem. 

I also wrote a petition to the Chief Judge of Lagos and up till date as the magistrate boasted in open court nothing has been done about the petition. 

I moved on with my life and yet again after 14 months of my incarceration, the woman has gone again to destroy me by bringing up the story again in PM News and I am now trending in the negative.

 I know and Golda knows that in the fourteen years we were married, i have never slapped let alone beat her. My four children combined I don’t think I have raised by hands up to ten times against them yet now I am the poster boy of domestic violence. 

Golda never made me who I am and therefore lacks the power to destroy me.  She has turned to pity game to scam people of their hard earned money that she is a single mother taking care of four children abandoned by their father. Nothing can be further from the truth. The last two I secured admission for in Ibadan are resuming on the 18th of September and I am footing the bill. The first two just graduated from secondary and I am working towards their admission in university which I will foot. 

I have done no wrong to a woman I started dating in my third year in the University, went through hell to ensure her graduation, catered and provided for. Despite all I have not taken back the school which she still runs till date yet she is all over the internet begging money.

 The days of her sorrow have not started unless she repents and makes open confession of what really transpired in this cutlass chasing saga.

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