Poetic Side with Bolaji: My Honourable Law Lord

Bolaji Ramos, Lawyer and Poet


 My Honourable Law Lord is also flesh and blood

The bearer of Liberty touch and Themis’ sword.

He swore the oath to always uphold the Word

But to err is human, so he too may break a cord.

So when My Lord sits in his podium up high

He too feels the sting of betrayals and a lie.

But My Lord must labour to postpone his own sigh

And fend for justice that fairness may fly.


My Honourable Law Lord is also blood and flesh

The bearer of the Scales that thrash and thresh

He too often has his head drowned in a plash and plesh

Like a slippery fish that may be caught in a mesh.


So when My Lord sits to reflect in his chamber

He too is as fallible as any man in his wake or slumber.

A little emotion may sway his reasoning astray

Or a little heartbreak that arrests him as a prey.

Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

   Copyright 26092017

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