Poetic Side with Bolaji: Law is a Comic Relief

Bolaji Ramos, Lawyer and Poet

Law is a comic relief
Subtlety amidst ardent belief.

Draconian legislation
That still wriggles out an exception.

Pitiless killer
Yet cleverest healer.

Law is a comic relief
Deus ex machina to its own mischief.

Creator of extreme offences
That yet allows supreme defences.

Coercive jailer for life
That still gives freedom for a good strife.

Insanity may be antidote for committing homicide
And intoxication could be a nostrum for patricide
And provocation may be a corrective for matricide
And necessity is a curative for avunculicide
And self-defence is a rectifier for uxoricide
And automatism is a shield for regicide
And necessity is a panacea for sororicide
And fair comment is a cure for famacide
Then Law is just nothing but a comic relief.

–Bolaji Ramos, Esq.
Copyright 2017

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