Poetic Side with Bolaji: Law is Human

Bolaji Ramos, Lawyer and Poet

Law is human

Not merely an abstraction

Created on the pages

Of statutory papers

Out of the legislators’

Imaginative stretch

Or stretch of imagination.


Law is blood and flesh

Or flesh and blood

With brains and heart

And mind and soul.

Let a bee sting the balls of Law,

And it’ll cry the noise of a bambino.


Law is sensory-

It has a skin that feels

A tongue that tastes

A nose that perceives

An eye that sees

And an ear that hears.


Law is everything

Biology teaches

About living things-

It moves

It respires

It feeds

It irritates

It grows

It excretes

It reproduces.


If the man is the cradle of instability

And the woman is the source of distractions,

How can Law ever exist

Without gaps or shady maps?

Bolaji Ramos, Esq.

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