Poetic Side with Bolaji: Of Law, Negligence, Sentiment & Sonnet

Bolaji S. Ramos

Of Law, Negligence, Sentiment & Sonnet

      (ignorantia populi est calamitas populi)

Of law, negligence, sentiment and sonnet,

Man is and must always be in commotion.

Law has given us many an asset

To mold our future with set-out notion.

Negligence camouflaged itself in Trojan House

Sanctity of law was exposed to Hiroshima.

Logic was to save glorious mother Themis

But sentiment crawled in from America.

Democracy is not always what it appears to be,

Where sentiment has blindfolded us against reason,

And what we see as reason is indeed treason

Democracy dies, and we’ll never disagree to agree.

Negligence has murdered law, and sentiment has

                           Swallowed fault

All may be lost, I fear, except my expository sonnet.

Bolaji Ramos

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