Poetic Side with Bolaji: Legal Romance

Bolaji Ramos, Lawyer and Poet


Let me plague you

With the infectious love of my heart.

Now that I bear the aftermath of your infections,

And your cold blood boils in me

Like a volcanic eruption,

Let me make babies in the factory of your womb.


My amorous cuddlesome arms

That carry a legal contagion with them,

Let them rip you apart in the angiospermy of my farms

Till every cell in me carries the logo of your emblem

And the semblance of your physiognomy.


Law my love,

Let me be your troubadour,

And I will traverse all the corners of your contours.

With my fluorescent searchlights,

That can seek out all the unexplored

Juicy regions of your legions,

Let me be your spouse or your civil partner

Or at least your intimate cohabitant.


Allow me a minute into the gate of your thighs

And I will dig you damn deep,

Till I plant legal seeds in your flowery uteri,

And we shall fill the entire universe with prodigies

Greater than the Denning’s

Mightier than the Atkin’s

Weightier than the Uwais’s

And more Solomonic than the Tobi’s.


Law my love,

Your untainted mammary prowess

That dangles like a pendulum in their tabula rasa state,

Let it be the sole source of my resource

That waters my thirsty fountain.

Consort with me, and I will consult with you,

And let our royal consortium

Breed in me Lilliputians strong enough to gut Gulliver.


I love you, Law my love

And I doubt if there can be a better lover.

I love your Calliopsis hair

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I love your Helen lids and lashes

I love your Cleopatra eyes

I love your Bathsheba nose

I love your Aphrodite lips

And I love the curviness of your womanness.


Law my love,

Let me sing to you a serenade sweeter than Senghor’s,

For you are my day, my night and my Naett.

And let me enjoy the irrevocability of being—

Your stare decisis

Your res ipsa loquitur

Your res judicata

And your issue estoppel.

Bolaji Ramos, Esq.


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