Poetic Side with Bolaji: The Nigerian Escape


How can they cover this guilty albino in a crowd

Of this cautious and sensitive black-skinned?

Our melanin of reason is so strong

That we can easily detect a foul play.


If we are to become bunch of fools before God,

Let us be—for we are meant to be—

But not before this hypocrite Government,

Constantly toying with our analytical intelligence.


How can we find the rhythm to fathom

That a national Boko Haramic suspect

In the midst of an army of able policemen

Escaped these many thousands of hands?


How then do we appease

These Catholic restless and weeping souls

Lurking about our nation in the shadows of the night,

Wanting Themis to strike with her sword?

What other sacrifice do we offer to Heaven

To console the undead spirits of the departed,

Bombed and slaughtered to mortality by these culprits?


In a bid to cover the man behind the mask

And allow terrorism and killings to blossom,

They have claimed our national suspect escaped—

A small fry that ought to lead us to the source.


How best can reason qualify this escape—

A narrow escape?

A lucky escape?

A mysterious escape?

A celestial escape?

A terrestrial escape?

A man-woven escape?

Or one best qualified as a Nigerian escape?

Bolaji Ramos, Esq

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