Poetic Side with Bolaji: Plea Bargain

Bolaji Ramos, Lawyer and Poet

If justice can be carted away on a platter of gold

And repaid with a moribund emerald,

Then let Law swallow its loquacious pride—

Let the rays of the sun drop its shines

Let the glitters of the moon hands down

And let the twinkles of the stars un-twinkle its prickles.


At the marketplace of ignominy

Law traded its most valuable destiny—

A penny paid in exchange for quashing mutiny

A  hominy given in exchange for shrinking felony

A litany offered in erasure of criminal sanctimony


Mutiny for a penny

Felony for a hominy

Sanctimony for a litany


Justice is the end, the fabrics and destiny of Law

If criminality can be bargained to legality—

A poplar will soon turn an undergrowth

A mountain will soon turn a rock

An ocean will soon turn a river

A tree will soon turn a stalk

An imago to a pupa

A pupa to a larva

A larva to an egg

An egg to an atom


And what is left of Law is a shadow of its true self.

Mutiny for a penny

Felony for a hominy

Sanctimony for a litany

Bolaji Ramos,Esq.






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