Poetic Side: If it is not offered, It cannot be taken


FRIEND, KEEP YOUR LOOT- (Response to Prof. Niyi Osundare’s My Lord where should I keep your loot.)

If it is not offered,

It cannot be taken.

You offered me Naira in millions;

The will was there to turn you down.

Then you brought Dollar in billions.

I close my eyes to your unholy offering.

Then you threatened to kidnap my only child.

Just for me to pervert justice.

My will collapsed.

That is the price.

My friend, keep your loots far from my home

If it is not offered;

It is not taken.


Litigants on extra mile

To ensure I make them smile.

What do I do?

Bribe here, there and everywhere!

Like colonies of bats in the evening sky.

My friend, keep your loots far from my chambers.

If it is not offered;

It is not taken.


Everyone deserves a modest life;

I am not exempted.

My immaculate mansion is holy,

It is a product of my countless days of labour.

Everyone has his price,

You threaten my family,

That is the price I cannot pay.

Keep your loots far from me.

If it is not offered;

It is not taken.


I stand! I stand!

Over your intimidation!

You turn the Bench to a pauper then

You come with a bounty of loot.

Keep you loot!

Keep your bribe!

If it is not offered:

It is not taken!



Not everyone on the Bench takes your bribe.

Not all of us pervert justice!

We dwelled in corrupt places.

We appeared just like a drop of tear in the ocean.

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Keep your booty my friend.

If it is not offered;

It is not taken!


Criminality is inherent in the nation.

I am not the cause of the plague that bestrides the nation.

I am affected too- the Bar and the Bench.

We are still the last hope of the common man.

Keep your booty.

If it is not offered;

It is not taken.


Deride not my wig and gown.

Deride not my diction;

Deride not my rituals.

We all hate what we don’t understand.

It is the tool of my profession.

A mystery lies in the antiquities.

All profession has its peculiarities.

My wig and gown and diction are not the cause of  the stench in the land.

My friend, keep your loots.

If it is not offered;

It cannot be taken.


Injunctions are part of the procedures.

It can never be found in the market.

If it works for you,

You sing my praise!

If it works against you,

It is corruption.

We hate what we don’t understand.

The whole nation is rotten,

Politicians and litigants kidnap my families,

Just to bend us to their will.

Amaechi, like others came the night,

With countless number of Ghana-must –gos.

My friend, keep your loots,

If it is not offered;

It is not taken.


If I doze in the courtroom
remember I keep vigils in the studies to meet with countless deadlines.

I give the nation my best except for human errors.

Judgement is not for sale.

I stand! I stand!

Against your oppression!

I can never be silenced

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Not by countless Secret Services

Friend, keep your loots and booties.

If it is not offered;

It is not taken.


I am not responsible for the rots in the land,

I strive within my best to keep the land clean.

I still walk the street with head high,

I still approach the temple without guile.

So friend, keep your bribe.

If it is not offered;

It is not taken.

-Ben T. Ogunjobi Esq.,

November, 2016

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