The Poverty Laden Road to Call to Bar – Kayode Olaosebikan

    Kayode Olaosebikan

    Kayode Olaosebikan is celebrating his ten years of call to the Nigerian Bar. The story behind his journey to the legal profession is inspiring.

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    10 Years Post call today

    Most people know me as a lawyer who is active in Litigation and love the job, they are not wrong, however what they don’t know is the story behind the wig and gown I adorn in this picture.

    Paying for Law School

    Ordinarily I was supposed to be called to bar in March 2007 but I could not go to law school with my 2005 Unilorin law graduate because when law school decided to clear the backlog of law student by having 2 streams in the school in 2006, I was not ready financially, I struggled financially to graduate in 2005 my family was not just in a state to provide money for law school. When the time for the next law school session admission was set, my mum had to go out of her way to make sure I did not miss that set and sit at home again while my juniors in the university will go to school without me. How we raised the money for my tuition, the challenges I faced in law school and how I did not fail in law school is a story for another day.

    Battle for Wig and Gown

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    The main gist of this post is the wig and gown, for those who are lawyers or those who are close to lawyers, you know the importance of those two. Fast forward to checking of result after exams, I made an improvement on my LL.B grade in Law school, everyone at home was happy but there is one hurdle, how to raise money to buy the wig and gown, I opted to buy the cheapest you can get then, I think about #12,000 or so when people were buying theirs at 65k some even went for the 120k quality. My family could not raise the 12,000 to buy the wig and gown, a big sister who had earlier promised to buy it for me then could not meet up. Will I not be called to bar because of wig and gown? Mehhhnnn! I knew what poverty means within that period, it was in the midst of all these that a friend came to the rescue, his name is Adekeye Adetayo, others know him as Mojeed. He was a course mate in Unilorin, he borrowed me his wig and gown for the call to bar on the 14th day of November 2007 and till today, the wig and gown is still what I am using.

    A Grateful Heart

    To the glory of GOD I have surpassed my targeted achievement for my 10th anniversary; I have made millions of Naira plus some dollars with this wig and gown. Tayo never asked for the wig and gown till today and I decided not to return it nor buy another one to replace it as it remind me of how tough the journey to the call to bar was for me. Each time I am in court, each time I adorn this attire I remember I did not buy the wig and gown, each time i remove the wig from my head, I remember my friend who was there for me at that critical time, we are not related, he is a Muslim I am a Christian but he was a brother in need that is why I am dedicating my success in Legal practice on my 10th call anniversary to that wonderful friend Adekeye Adetayo, I placed a call across to him this evening to appreciate him and I want anyone who knows this brother of mine to on my behalf call him or send him a text of thank you on my behalf. If you want to do that please inbox me and I will give you his number, I don’t want to publish his number here for security reason. I will always cherish that act of love by Tayo.

    DNL Legal and Style celebrate Mr. Kayode Olaosebikan and wish him more feats and more graces.

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