President Crusade For Justice, Richard Nwankwo Calls for Partnership

Richard Nwankwo

The President/Founder of Crusade For Justice (CFJ), Richard Nwankwo has called on well-meaning individuals and corporate organization to donate towards the CFJ’s planned visit to prisons across the country.

The visit is part of the activities lined up by CFJ to mark its 15th Anniversary Celebration/Annual Lecture.

In a statement issued by Richard Nwankwo, CFJ has visited prisons in different parts of the country but would this year focus on visiting prisons in the eastern part of the country. He indicated that two cardinal projects would be executed at the Owerri and Awka Prisons.

 “In the past, we have visited Prisons in Lagos and a few other locations in the South West.  This year, we shall visit the Owerri Prisons, Owerri, Imo State, and the Awka Prisons,  Awka, Anambra State.  In 2018, we have marked the Ibadan Prisons, Oyo State, and the Ilorin Prisons, Ilorin, Kwara State.

However, at the Owerri and Awka Prisons, we shall carry out two cardinal projects.  The first is the LEGAL RESCUE PROJECT (LRP). Through this, we offer free legal / pro bono services to deserving Inmates.  Over the years, we have been able to secure the release of Inmates, especially, in cases of obvious abuse.

In our pre-visit interactions, we interviewed a young man at the Owerri Prison, who was arrested in 2007, shortly after his School Certificate Examination.  He was arrested allegedly in connection with armed robbery.  Ten years after, he is still awaiting trial. There are so many other cases begging for attention, but limitations imposed by both finance and man power represent a pathetic impediment.

During the Prisons’ Visits, we specifically visit the Medical Centres, Clinics, Sick Bays, or Hospitals, howsoever called, located within the Prisons.  The near chaotic and sordid conditions of some of these FACILITIES, and our experiences in the past, gave rise to the SAVE THE PRISONS’ INMATES AND PATIENTS PROJECT (SAPIP).  Through this vehicle, we have with the support and interventions of our Partners and sponsors, been supplying Pharmaceutical Products and Drugs, to the Prisons.

On the 20th of September,  2017,  and the 21st of September, 2017,  when the Crusade for Justice train moves to Owerri and Awka Prisons respectively,  these two projects would be maximally carried out” Richard Nwankwo stated.

To be part of this humanitarian train, you can donate pharmaceutical products, drugs or health-related products and goods that give meaning to the wellness of these Inmates. You can visit our website:  Or call our hotline; 234 (0) 807 179 1288. If we all do a little, we can achieve a lot.  Please support the visits today. Note our new site address: – CFJ

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