Public Hearing on NGO Regulatory Commission Bill to Hold 13, 14 December


The House Committee on Civil Society and Development Partners has announced the13th and 14th December 2017 as the date for a public hearing on the NGO Regulatory Commission Bill (HB585).

Several sections of the bill are terrifying, nonprofits will have to become an appendage of government, they will need to re-register every two years failing which they will be criminalized, capacity building funds will be channeled through the Commission who then decides on how it is spent.

Hon. Umar Buba Jubril, sponsor of the Bill will not give up in his bid to enact Bill HB585 into law. It is up to us to ensure he doesn’t succeed.

If all of us will attend the public hearing on the 13th and 14th to show our disdain for the Bill, we can make the House of Representatives to step down this proposed obnoxious law and campaign to get the legislators to drive through an agenda to strengthen existing regulations with a view to enabling civic space.

Everyone can attend the public hearing; no special invitation is required. Just print a copy of the hearing notice here (, copies of your memorandum (if any) and ensure you have on you an ID card- national or organisational ID.

If you send an email to our GTU colleagues at by 12pm tomorrow- Tuesday 12th December 2017, they will be happy to facilitate your entrance to the National Assembly.

You can download our tips on attending a public hearing here

Right now, we have the opportunity of making the 13th and 14th December 2017 the funeral date for Bill HB585—this can only happen if you attend or send a representative

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A march is planned for the morning of Wednesday by Global Rights. Take off point for the March on December 13th is the National Human Rights Commission by 8am. More information please whatsApp or call Global Rights 07033977049 or

With many of us attending, we can drive the idea of overregulating the sector into oblivion. Let us each plan to attend or send a representative to the hearing to save our sector.

With hope and determination,


Oyebisi B. Oluseyi

Executive Director, Nigeria Network of NGOs.


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