Late Ranti Daudu, Domestic Abuse and Crocodile Tears of the NBA

Late Mrs. Ranti Abosede Daudu

The Nigerian Bar Association has paid a befitting glowing tribute to Mrs. Ranti Abosede Daudu who has just passed on. I read the tribute over and over again. Painfully, the NBA did not disclose that she went through hell in her marriage. Was the body of lawyers she loved so much not aware of her travails under one of its national leaders, Mr. J. B. Daudu SAN? Why is the NBA commiserating with the father of her bereaved husband? Is her death a loss to Mr. Daudu who humiliated, despised and abandoned her? We are told not to speak ill of the dead. What of those who are alive?

The lady was a lawyer in her husband’s law firm. She gave all her life to her office and her family. But she was sacked without any benefit. To the knowledge of NBA leaders,  she was subjected to material want. It was so bad that she could not afford to travel abroad for medical treatment as was the case when she was being paid salary by her husband. Her colleagues in the Bar isolated her as they did not want to offend her husband.  And when Mr. Daudu filed his divorce petition, the NBA could not set up a team of lawyers to defend her. Mrs. Daudu was greatly relieved when the renowned human rights advocate, Mr. Femi Falana SAN decided to defend her in court.

It is good that there are a few Nigerian lawyers who are ready to speak the truth at all times. Hence, not all lawyers are shedding crocodile tears over the painful death of a good woman, Mrs. Ranti Daudu. I commend a former chairman of the Governing Council of the National Human Rights Commission, Professor Chidi Odinkalu who has paid the greatest tribute to her. According to him:

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“After more than 28 years of vicious domestic violence, my big sister, Ranti Daudu, died last night in Kaduna. Awful!!!

Ranti had heart, soul & goodness. She endured torture no one should live with at the hands of a man. She’s at rest.

Ranti was also the ablest advocate for the human rights of persons with disabilities in 


Those of us who are close to the woman cannot but confirm that she was a victim of the worst form of domestic violence.  Others must speak out so that young people can learn from the life of frustration of a decent lady. We sympathize with her 6 children who will certainly be consoled by Allah.

Ahmed Sani

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