[Read] Ayo Aribidara’s Paper at the WTO Law Conference in Geneva

Ayo Aribidara

Nigeria’s Ayo Aribidara’s paper  Towards a Convergence between Strong Trade Agreements and Weak Trade Policies in Sub Saharan Africa”  was presented at the just concluded World Trade Organization Annual Conference held sometime in June, 2017 at Geneva.

Only two Africans,  Ayo and Professor Amos Saurombe, Head of Graduate Studies, Research and innovation at University of South Africa (UNISA) presented papers at the conference which saw a gathering of international trade lawyers from all over the world.

The two day conference which was jointly organized by Georgetown Law and the Graduate Institute, Geneva had about six sessions which discussed diverse topics on international trade policies.

In Picture:

Ayo and Professor Amos Saurombe in Geneva

Full Text of Ayo’s Papers below

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