Reasons Wen Person Fit Take Divorce for Naija

Oweh Anthony

Wetin be Divorce self? Divorce na when husband or wife carry their marriage go meet court say make them scatter am, say im no do again.

Different different kind marriage n aim dey for Naija but na the one wey be say na for inside law them go range do am (that na statutory marriage) n im we want talk about.

Under our Naija law, na only one ogbonge reason dey for  oga or madam to show before court go allow divorce. And dis ogbonge reason be say d marriage kpafuka yagayaga sotay dem nor go fit arrange am again. We fit find this reason for Sections 15&16 of our Law ( MATRIMONIAL CAUSES ACT).

Any which way, we fit break dis ogbonge reason into different parts:

  1. Wen oga and madam nor dey run shows for da oda room (consummation).
  1. If oga or  madam dey run tins with anoda person for outside. (Adultery).
  1. If any of them get strong scores for head , sotay the kolo don overripe or dey behave in a way wen be say two of dem nor go fit live together and no normal person go fit stay that Kain place. ( Unsound mind\ Insanity).
  1. If d man dey always pounce the woman or na d woman dey pounce d man and everyday beta sore dey day the body wen fit kpuff person sef. (Cruelty).
  1. If for one year wen don waka, either d oga or madam done fuckup to bring back d right wen dem get as hussy and wiffy ( Conjugal Rights).
  1. If d man or woman don vamus comot for house for long long time and e kom dey give reason say the person wen comot from house don kick geepee tank.
  1. Wen oga and madam nor dey stay for d same house for at least 2 years befor dem go court and dem agree say make court allow dem to divide (divorce).
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Finally, my dear piple wen neva marry try to Luk well befor u enter ooo so that u nor go quick rush comot. Na house wey collapse na im make goat climb am. Craze nor hard to form ,na d trekking be wahala. Akara and moimoi get the same popsy and mumsy but na wetin dem pass tru naim make them different.  Shine your eye Weller. Nor use local highness take jump enter marriage .

See you next week…

Oweh Anthony is a Lawyer/ writer, property and Media Consultant based in Lagos.

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