Sabotage in CAC; To Discredit Azuka Azinge – Felix Ashimole


Mr. Felix Ashimole (aka Che Oyinatunba) has something to say!

Here him:

The lingering poor service delivery in CAC, has nothing to do with server, it is an act of sabotage and unfortunately, they have dragged me into it.

For some months now, I have refused to take any CAC brief. I fan it out after collecting “finder’s fee.” But about two weeks ago, my cousin’s wife sort that I do business registration for her. All attempts to do Professor Pella moves, did not work and to my CAConline portal I went, only to discover that a staff of CAC had blocked me, thrown me out of access to my online portal.

On getting to CAC in attention seeking manner-I wanted to drive into CAC and was refused entrance by security men at the gate and it took the intervention of the CSO for issues to be resolved and I was given a privileged position to part.

I digress. Why should CAC not have parking space for its customers? This inability of CAC to provide multi-layered parking car park enough to accommodate staff and customers, is highly irresponsible and lack of social corporate responsibility by a respectable institution like CAC. CAC under the immediate retired RG spent millions in that mushroom called car-park, a car park that cannot take all the staff tokunbos, not to talk of customers push me I push you. Parking cars along the road, has become source of illegal income for some urchins at the NYSC end of Tigris crescent.

VIO Officers also feed fat off these illegal collectors of parking fee from customers of CAC. I have made many complaints to VIO at Mabuchi but they have refused to act. I have confronted the boys but lawyers and customers of CAC pay willingly for their cars to be watched over, as there is high rate of car snatching going on around CAC.

It is painful that we fought and defeated Park & Pay, only for urchins to take over and lawyer/customers of CAC willingly allow themselves to be fleeced.

Back into CAC to lodge my complaint about being blocked by yet to be identified staff, I realized that it was not a mistake but a deliberate act, to get me angry so that I can start a protest that will be used to show the presidency that Lady Azuka Azinge is not competent. After about an hour in CAC, I could smell the sabotage against her. The battle for supremacy and who will take over the 6th floor is so thick that one can slice a knife through it.

All CAConline services are dead. Availability takes more than 3 days as against the advertised hours. Uploading of documents for registration is as predictable as a lady with irregular cycle. All these are act of sabotage but because most customers of CAC have grown use to always coming to CAC, they see nothing wrong in it and will not protest. The balkanization of NBA Abuja (Unity Bar) has made it impossible for a robust responds to be given to this comatose situation, as CAC Management picks and chooses when to organize Online training for lawyers to douse tension created by its failed service delivery. In the absence of quality protest, a mischievous staff chose to throw me into the mix by denying me access to my CAConline portal.

I have written CAC and I am torn between joining in organizing protest against management of CAC with its consequent effects on the Acting RG or not joining and suffering loss of revenue. I am between the devil and deep blue sea but Lady Azuka Azinge for whom I am willing to make this sacrifice, is not appreciating it.

She is still allowing herself to be surrounded by those who led the last RG astray. They are making sure that she is more on the road than being on seat to monitor development in CAC. While on the road to “sensitize” Nigerians about ease of doing business, those she left behind are busy sabotaging her efforts. I pity her but what can I do but to watch?
I am aware that some Management Staff of CAC are pushing Lady Azuka Azinge to take actions against me and some of my friends who are junior staff in CAC. 

Dear Madam, do so at your own risk; we are not your problem but a mirror reflecting the sabotage against you.

My friends are loyal Nigerians committed to improve service delivery in CAC and I have known them way before CAC and some I met in CAC are among the best Nigerians I have met. They are patriotic and more committed to CAC than most of the Management Staff of CAC who only feed fat on the sweat of the junior staff.

Most of the people you depend on, are the ones ruining your chances of being confirmed substantive RG and not me or my friends.

I hope the presidency will see through this sabotage and confirm you substantive RG of CAC!

You know that I will be the happiest on the day you are confirmed RG-I want a woman to be made RG of CAC and if it is a woman and an Igbo woman, my joy will overflow into rivers of drunkenness.

It is painfully but it is the reality of boardroom politics, any dog that does not eat its fellow dog, will not add fat. Madam and dear accredited customers of CAC, the poor service delivery, being witnessed in the past 4 weeks, is a deliberate act of sabotage by some forces that are bent on making sure that Lady Azuka Azinge is not made substantive RG of CAC. If she likes, let her shape up or they will ship her out come January/February next year.

©Che Oyinatumba

™The Bishop of The Sinners Assembly

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