The Other Side of the Law: His Experience as a Court Extern

Udoka Chukwuma

He was dressed in the regulation wear meaning he was suited up. It was early morning, he was still looking fresh and his cologne potent. He boarded a keke going to court. Only one person, a lady was in the tricycle. The rider was whinning about lack of passengers which was of no bother to him.

His mind was on the young woman. She wasn’t overly beautiful in any sort of way, but looked good all the same. She paid no iota of attention to him opting to looking out at the passing sceneries. He really liked what he saw and wanted to strike up a conversation but was lacking as to how to commence.

A thought came to him. ‘Sir’, he said to the keke man, the State High Court I am attending is on strike, do you know of any Federal High Court around I could attend and record proceedings. He was aware of all those information he was asking, just gunning to impress the young lady.

His statement caught her attention and she turned to take a cursory look at him. ‘Do you know of any?’, he used the opportunity to ask the lady. She smiled mischievously as if she was up to something. She told him were it was and the desired needed conversation commenced.

He told her of how tough law school was on him and normal one or two legal challenges he has been having without going over the top. They were having quite a spirited conversation and enjoying each others company. Yet there was this look she kept giving him which he pegged as nothing.

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Minutes later, she told the keke rider she will be stopping at the next junction. Playing smart, he stated, ‘I almost forgot to ask for your number’. She looked at him in that funny way again and replied. ‘Honestly speaking, I don’t give out my number that easily’. His heart melted. ‘But this is our card. I am helping my principal do a research on the matter we are filing at the court of appeal on Monday. I will be staying quite late. If you are done with the proceedings, come around. Ask for Barrister Chioma, they will direct you to me’. She stepped down and walked away.

His eyes grew big as saucers. He wanted to speak but nothing came out. He swallowed again and again, still nothing. He was dazed into silence. ‘I will’ he murmured to himself. And here he was thinking he actually impressed someone to end up being the one impressed. No wonder that funny look. All along, he has unknowingly been talking to a senior colleague..

 Udoka Chukwuma 


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