The Other Side of the Law: The Lies They told us about Legal Practice

Udoka Chukwuma

They lied when they said grade doesn’t matter in practice, all you need is to know your onions in court. The law firm that will employ you from which said onions will be displayed in court is looking at grades to employ you.

They lied when the said law is very lucrative. With one major brief, your life will become better. Who gives junior lawyers huge briefs? Since the chambers are paying peanuts, colleagues are slowly joining business and government work to cope, so it must be a lie.

They lied when they said back in their days, they were paid nothing and they did not complain. They economy then and the economy now aren’t the same. The prospects and opportunities then and the prospects now aren’t the same. The number of lawyers then and the number of lawyers now aren’t same.

Finally, they lied when they said we are still learning, that’s why we shouldn’t expect payments. The claims and defence you will prepare, the research you will do, and they filing will be done by you. Even following the case to the conclusion. Yet they will take the whole money and still tell you you are learning. Just imagine the lie.

We begged them to stop lying to us. We begged them to be plain with us. We finally begged them to tell us the reality on ground. They did not or would not, I don’t even know. All they do is lie to us.


Udoka Chukwuma

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