The Other Side of the Law: New Wig Trick

Udoka Chukwuma

Principal gives him 2k as appearance fee and sends him off to court. It was 8:45am when he arrived in court. Court was empty and the clerk informed him that the court will not sit. He did a little joy dance, brought out his pen and wrote down the date his matter was adjourned to.

Slowly he unrobed, folded everything into his bag including his jacket and zipped it. He then had two of his shirt’s buttons undone, untucked his shirt and folded the sleeves. Then he took off to his destination. Soon he was playing checkers (draft) with friends, gisting, eating and having fun.

Three hours later, he buttoned up his shirt, tucked it in and unfolded his sleeves. He brought out his jacket, wore it back on and headed to the office.

‘You did the matter right?’ his principal asked him. ‘Sir, after waiting for almost four hours, the court did not sit. It can be annoying’ he replied. His face revealing nothing but sadness.

‘So sorry about that dear, its part of the practice’ he encouraged. Nobody was any wiser.

If they think someone will not enjoy life because we are under their tutelage, they are on their own.


Udoka Chukwuma 

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