The Other Side of the Law: My Search for Work

Udoka Chukwuma

When I had it up to my neck at my place of work, rather than choke myself with frustration, I decided to call it quit. The first question I began to ask myself after I walked away was what next?

For the life of me, I couldn’t fathom how to go about my next move. I knew I had no strength to start knocking at the door of every law office I see along the street seeking for a job. It will take me forever.

So I sat down and went into deep thoughts. Hardwork pays but smart work pays more. Soon an idea began to take shape in my head. Thank God we are in the internet age when most if not everything could be found online.

I slowly took out my phone, switched on my data and typed in the following, ‘directory of all lawyers in Owerri’. Going through the search results I was provided with, it didn’t take much time and I hit jack pot. There was definitely a directory having a detailed list of chambers, their address and phone numbers.

For the first time, I smiled broadly. Next was to think of an apt message requesting to work with them while apologizing for intruding into their private lines. It took me some time to get it right. Then I took a leap and dispersed the messages to the various chambers I picked.

Obviously, some replied with they don’t have space. Some completely ignored the message. But there were few others who called to arrange for a meeting, sent text on when to come for an interview or even told me to come start. The rest they say is history. There is no exact road to achieve your dreams. If it appears the road you seek is occupied, do yourself a favour and invent your own road.

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Udoka Chukwuma

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