The Other Side of the Law: Smart Phone and CAC Runs

Udoka Chukwuma

We are in the era of smart phones. You can find it handy when dealing with a whole lot of complex needs. But at times, it can lead you into some unanticipated mess.

One faithful day, I was on a tight schedule to check out a company abi business name at CAC, prepare a search report and send it by mail to our client. It was getting late. Immediately I jumped into a tricycle going to bank, I started generating remita with my phone. Pay a federal govt agency, MDA: Corporate Affairs Commission, Purpose: Name Search, Amount: 1000.  Then my name and email.  My RRR was just appearing as I was stepping down from the tricycle at the front of the bank. Perfect timing.

I rushed into UBA Bank. UBA and Fidelity Bank are the only banks that I know takes very few minutes in processing remita at my side. O boy, see crowd. Undaunted, I walked up to the teller bypassing others and told her I want to make a payment. ‘The printer is bad, your receipt of payment containing the particulars cannot be printed. Nothing can be printed for now. That’s what everyone here is waiting for’. She said.

I smiled, and told her to just process my payment like that without printing. She was too happy to do that. “Done”, she announced within a minute. And in the same vein my phone vibrated with  received mail. I took off again jumping into another tricycle going to CAC office while downloading the receipt from my mail. When I reach there, I could easily print it by sending it through Bluetooth or USB to the printing shops nearby.

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I was at CAC at the nick of time before they closed. Sharply I routinely submitted the receipt and its photocopy and wrote down the company’s name with the registration number I was there to search. I was wisked upstairs and told to sit tight while they bring me the company’s file. On the file being brought, I took out my pen to write, then changed my mind and brought out my phone. Click away I did while flipping over just to be caught by their boss when she came out of her office.

It took the begging of both staffs and myself for her not to call police on my head. My phone was taken and every stuff I did capture wiped. I had no idea it was a crime to do what I did. I was only permitted to write down information I saw and not capture it. Lucky to escape with a warning, I was still focused on meeting the deadline. I quickly typed up my search report with my phone using my WPS office app, converted it to pdf and was about to send the mail when my phone went off. It did not come up until later the next day.

You see, it helped me almost achieve my deadline and ended up being the one to ruin it. Never saw it coming.

PS: I tried to tell a story, teach a procedure and also pass some information.


Udoka Chukwuma.

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