The Other Side of the Law: The Tenants

Udoka Chukwuma

I am new to it, so it will take time for me to get used to it. It leaves you with conflicting emotions at times. You are managing a property on behalf of a Landlord where tenants are expected to pay rents on a yearly basis. Definitely the tenants have been cooperating and doing their best to keep the premises in a tenantable condition.

Then for whatever reason, the government of a state decided not to pay them their salaries for months unending or decides to expand roads leading to massive destructions of properties some of which contains their shops where they generate the money used in paying you.

Now you are in a quagmire. They are pleading with you to give them more time to sort out their mess and pay their rents. You honestly know them as people of their words. But on another angle, the landlord is breathing down hard on your neck, demanding his rents which have accrued.

You have no other alternative than to be ruthless, to be emotionless and to turn your back on their plights. You toughen up your skin and issue them notices to quit and prepare yourself to take them to court for possible eviction if any proves stubborn. The brutality of your action leaves you sad, but you had no choice and your hands are tied.

As you stay back at your house or office, you reflect on everything that has transpired. ‘What an unkind man’, ‘a heartless lawyer’, many will say but deep down you know that your utmost priority is to your Client. So you console yourself and move on. It is what it is. The unpleasant part of the practice.

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