My Sincerest Appreciation – Rotimi Kodaolu Writes DNL Legal and Style

    Moses Kodaolu

    Rotimi Kodaolu is the only young lawyer that took advantage of the Young Lawyers Challenge. He sent in the mail below to appreciate DNL Legal and Style:

    I really want to utilize this platform to express my sincere appreciation to DNL Legal and style for their immense benevolence.

    I am really indebted to you for giving me this kind opportunity to participate and express the traumatic experience of “The morning after my call to bar” which I never had the privilege to do since the horrendous incident.

    More so, the young Lawyer challenge may be seen on the basis of who can ganared more comments, but I really think losing out to other contestants cannot outweighed the rare privilege to exercise one’s legal writing prowess.

    To the very few who sent in their comments, to my write-up, I really appreciate your kind efforts.

    A big thank you once again to DNL Legal and style. May you continue to flourish like a palm tree planted by the river side as we look forward to more of this generous exercise.

    Rotimi Moses Kodaolu Esq.

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