Why I am studying to Become a Lawyer – Ahmed Musa #LSFBC



At first, just like the average Nigerian, I had negative feelings about lawyers. This is because of the notion that ‘Lawyers are liars’ ‘Lawyers are cultists’ etc. and concluded that, lawyers are no good people.

I came to realize that the criticisms about lawyers are as result of ignorance, jealousy or both. Then I sought to know what a lawyer actually does in the society and noticed the following inter alia and was carried away by:


It is inevitable and undisputed that lawyers are like diamonds (they glitter anywhere they are), at the mention of the word “Barrister” everybody turns towards the direction to see the bearer of that noble title; despite ill-comments about them.

The triumphant entry of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria into my street to attend a burial ceremony of one Chief is still awake in my mind. He arrested the attention of so many and enjoyed undivided attention for a while in the event. Curious, I sought to know this person and I was told that, he is Chief O.C.J Okocha SAN. Although, other top Government personalities confirmed attendance but none carried the attention of the crowed like the silk. This is because those who know him see him as a demigod and for people like me, I see him as a King.

My curiosity triggered me to undertake on a voyage to know what it takes to become a SAN and I discovered that one must first be a lawyer and then after constant practice and contribution to the development of the law; might on application be awarded SANship.

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Even at that, I still had a negative impression about lawyers despite the fame attached to the silk. With this still malingering in my mind, I googled again, this time to know who a lawyer actually is and does in the society and discovered that the most information about lawyers available for public consumption are but out of malicious falsehood.


Having now made up my mind to study law and become a silk like Chief Okocha, I discovered that lawyers have contributed immensely to the society (pro bono) e.g advocating for the less privileged, campaigning for the return to Democracy; then I came to know of names like the late Chief Gani Fawehinmi SAN, Mr. Olisa Agbakoba SAN etc.


It is indeed an enthralling sight to see lawyers, fully robed and prepared to discharge their duty in court. Thus, lawyering is the only profession of trained representatives; they serve as the mouthpiece of their clients, no matter how skilled and educated the clients might be. This alone, places lawyers above all other professionals.


I came to understand that a lawyer is the most trusted when compared to other professionals. Thus, he is entrusted with confidential information, custodian of properties etc for beneficiaries.

Full Name: Ahmed Musa

SCHOOL: Bayero University, Kano

Year/Level: 400Level

Email: musa00809@gmail.com

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