Why I am studying to Become a Lawyer – Ajayi Bolade Toyosi #LSFBC

Ajayi Bolade Toyosi

I am studying to become a lawyer for several reasons apart from the usual talk about liking the course, law is far more than that, law covers so many things you cannot help but love it though its not an easy task, its a good choice.

I saw a movie about lawyers and watching that movie made me realise that law is fun; the way the lawyers talked with confidence, the way they used the law and defended people in the court wowed me and I wanted to do this also; I wanted to be able to do this also; I wanted to be able to defend people in the court and let justice be served and all. Law is also a very noble profession; the respect given to lawyers is sometimes out of this world, they are well respected by employees and even employers.

Law combines theory with practice, in schools now there are moot and mock competitions, moot courts and various activities giving students a real taster of what its like to practice law.

Also studying law equips students with varieties of skills, one would graduate the university equipped with the skills of a whole host of professional paths which includes; Research through the analysis of case studies, critical analysis.

Synthesis of complex ideas: Law students will have to get grips with a whole new language but they’ll also need to be able to communicate in layman’s terms.

Presentation: Students often partake in mooting competitions and pro-bono societies offering legal advise to people.

Writing: Law students are also taught and trained on how to write articles, professional letters, memorial /briefs and so on.

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I have a strong sense of justice so studying law allows me to see where there are defects in the system and to work constructively and effectively to change it. Studying law offers the idealistic person a realistic way to make a difference in the world. Many lawyers work in policy and law reform in this way.

Studying law offers a wonderful intellectual challenge in that it develops the ability to argue from a basis of evidence in a way that can be hard for non-lawyers to counter. Studying law equips one with intellectual skills which will give one a decisive advantage in whichever profession one chooses.

Finally, law is a course that opens ones eyes to many things. Law makes one see the society from a different angle, the legal side too. It makes one know how to argue from different points of view and tasks ones intelligence.

Full Name: Ajayi Bolade Toyosi

Name of School: Lagos State University

Year/Level: 200 level

Email: boladetoyo@gmail.com


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