Why I am studying to Become a Lawyer – Ajayi Funbi Paul. #LSFBC


 The legal profession in Nigeria is over a hundred years. The Late Judge T.O Elias of the World Court at The Hague said the first African to qualify as a lawyer was a Nigerian in 1828. The first indigenous Nigerian to qualify as a lawyer was CHRISTOPHER SAPARA WILLIAMS in 1879, while the first Nigerian to be enrolled as a Legal Practitioner was NASH H. WILLIAMS in 1886.

Passion is the driving force for achieving success in life so I have passion for law. As a young boy I had a very fascinating and unexplainable interest in law. When I could not easily get admission to study law every manner of persuasion from different people urging me to go for alternative courses fell on a deaf ear. For about two years I went through thick and thin until my admission into Ajayi  Crowther University, Oyo  to study Law.

As a law student I have discovered that our judicial system in Nigeria is enmeshed in corruption. Lawyers and even judges are not exempted; laws are misinterpreted and wrongly applied. As a lawyer I want to correct these anomalies.

Economic recession in Nigeria occurs because those at the corridors of power failed to make judicious use of our resources. The judiciary has a role to play in enforcing laws that govern economic activities in the nation. I want to be in the vanguard of this as a lawyer.

As a law student, I have heard and read it that it is impossible to have the best legal system however I have a strong conviction that the Nigerian Legal System could be an ideal one which will serve as a role model to other African countries and the world in general. I want to be able to ensure we have such a system.

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As a young learning colleague, I have a strong belief in the principle of “do as I do, and not do as I say”. In other words, I am studying to become a lawyer so that I will serve as a practical and positive example to those who intend to become members of the legal profession.

It is obvious that the fight against corruption in Nigeria has not yielded expected results, as most suspects have not been found guilty. This is majorly because the EFCC and ICPC lack competent manpower to prosecute criminals. The acquittal and discharge of the Senate President, Dr Olusola Saraki is quite disturbing to me personally. There are other similar cases. I am therefore studying to become a lawyer to assist in the fight against crimes in Nigeria.

At a very tender age, I had taken an active interest in fighting for the oppressed and the exploited. I observe cases of violation of human rights also. I hate injustice with a passion. I am therefore becoming a lawyer, and a lawyer of the oppressed.

As human beings, we depend on one another because no one is an island. Life makes more meaning and sense when we help one other. Therefore, I am going to engage in pro bono cases and offer legal aid to those in need.

In conclusion I believe that I am going to be much more fulfilled in life being a lawyer.

FULL NAME: Ajayi Funbi Paul.

NAME OF SCHOOL: Ajayi Crowther University.

YEAR/LEVEL: 300.    

EMAIL: funbiajayi2@gmail.com

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