Why I am studying to Become a Lawyer – Fabusiwa Omotayo Oluwapelumi #LSFBC

Fabusiwa Omotayo Oluwapelumi

Quite frankly, I never set out to study law right from my primary nor secondary school education. I would then say “I want to be a doctor so I can help sick persons” or “I wanting to become an engineer so I will create a device beneficial to my society “. In fact, unlike many other law students, I didn’t choose to study law because I disliked science subjects, as two of my best subjects in secondary school were Biology and Agricultural Science. One thing I always had was the knack to be relevant to people and my immediate society. However, I found myself in Law as the Nigerian educational system would have it.

Having entered into the net of potential lawyers, I have come to realise certain privileges and powers an average legal practitioner wields and they have so far steered my interest to study law. I have therefore adopted them as the reasons I am pursuing a career in the legal profession.

It’s a general saying that there are only 3 noble professions; Clergy, Medicine and Law, nonetheless, of these three, Law is the only learned profession. In the world today, opinions of lawyers inter alia are often held in high regard and go a long way in affecting several societies, making lawyers relevant. As I stated in my opening paragraph, I have to passion of positively affect my society. In a country like Nigeria, the easiest way to affect one’s society positively is to be relevant to the society in question. Therefore as Law offers relevancy, it can be used as a tool to directly impact the society.

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A law degree is also a great way to improve one’s earning power and there are several options for specialized courses of study as well as practice areas. As I often say, “a diligent lawyer cannot be stranded financially”. He or she has various sources of income, still under the ambit of the legal profession. Lawyers are not restricted to one practise area, availing them the opportunity to make whooping sums from different platforms. This notwithstanding requires hard work, commitment as well as dexterity and am sure that I am cut out for it!

Globalisation is fast affecting the legal profession. Fields like inernational arbitration, corporate and criminal law and so on, are beginning to require international practitioners, which is becoming a lucrative phenomenon. This being said, the legal profession also grants practitioners the privileged to be relevant on the international scene and this as well strikes my interest in the legal practice.

In a nutshell, I am studying law for the relevancy it can attach to me in my immediate society and even on the international terrain, its practicability and finally, its lucrativeness.

Name: Fabusiwa Omotayo Oluwapelumi

Name of school: Obafemi Awolowo University

Level: 400l

Email: tayofabusiwa@gmail.com

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