Why I am studying to Become a Lawyer – Gbaiye Halilat Olabisi #LSFBC

Gbaiye Halilat Olabisi

Honestly! Right from the onset, I never thought of what I would become in the future. I could vividly remember like yesterday when I was younger and asked “MY FUTURE PROFESSION”, I had replied, A BILLIONAIRE! My family would laugh at me and I had laughed with them. Up till JSS3, I was indecisive until different people suggested; why not study law since I love to interact with people and ask JAMB QUESTIONS like they would say. Then, I asked myself “WHY NOT?, and there was it”

A LAWYER is a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor. ACT OF 13 JULY 1800.

Are you one of those people SO full with desire that you can’t help yourself until you’ve shown the real you? Well! I am that kind of person who finds pleasure in relating with people. This is my main reason for studying law. I love to talk and relate myself with people and even at times my intentions are MISUNDERSTOOD.

I have experienced many instances where aggrieved persons are subjected to indignant behavior due to lack of money and power. Several cases occurs where a GUILTY RICH PERSON would say “if you cross me, I’ll sue your ass”. What would the future holds if this continues? This brings tears to me! If I become a lawyer tomorrow, I will have an advantage over others and a locus standi in any court of law in Nigeria.

Law is a powerful tool that can be used to help people and shape the society positively such as people in Darfur or Haiti.

Personally, I love COMPETITION. I like to read a lot and challenge myself. I HATE BAD RESULTS AND I LOVE BEING THE BEST!. Who else loves competition? This virtually drives me to have versatile knowledge in all matters of personal and global interests. Legal profession avails me the medium of learning new ideas and abreast me with global trend of my profession.

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The respect of being a lawyer is something that no one can ever take away from you! YOU CANNOT PUT A PRICE ON THAT! Whether you’re studying law or you’ve become a lawyer, YOU SUDDENLY HAVE THE RESPECT OF THE SOCIETY. Lawyers are extremely respected or looked up to by other profession. I FEEL GLAD when my opinion is being consulted in any regards.

 “Of Course! I’m studying to be a lawyer for the money.” Attorneys makes huge money by winning some form of major verdict, make MILLIONS running large law firms. A few that comes to mind are Mitt Romney, Femi Falana, Barack Obama.

What will life be if we have people passionate about their respective profession? The society will be a better place because students will find pleasure in their jobs. The NOBLE profession brings huge amount of money!!! One would think he is joking around while YOU’RE GETTING RICH AND FAMOUS, which everyone dreams of or DON’T YOU???

Full Name: Gbaiye Halilat Olabisi

Name of School: Crescent University, Abeokuta

Year/Level: 400L

Email: Halilatgbaiye@gmail.com

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