Why I am Studying to Become a Lawyer – Olajugba Oluwatosin Joseph#LSFBC


“Dee law- Dee law” our sluggish teeth comes out in


Proudly Proud fool Africans could make us be.

Yet our knowledge on ‘cons-law’ is titchy.

Oh! The black and white that makes our head gyrate.


Contract is standing hands akimbo nictating.

5.0 Our year one dream; then this nightmare.

Year 2-3 we know it’s unfeasible.

Behold! We take a dauntless step of credence.

“ if we don’t eat the yam because of the oil, we will eat the oil for the yam sake”

One proverb drunk tribe reminds me.

I guess what keeps us going most time is not the tantrum;

But the people we shouldn’t disappoint.

Why am I studying to become a lawyer?

“Their reward is in heaven” they say;

Even if there is no evidence on earth with their pay.

We all know their importance; we simply don’t value their value.

As a doctor reaches for life; the soul a teacher.

Well, gone are the days;

When it was a passion driven profession.

Predominantly at the tertiary level now,

It’s now like a revenge time; tom and jerry style.

Ifeoma will say “ka egbe oku I”

For sure; the God that answers by fire will fight for us.

Only lawyers teach law they say.

What if I am studying law to teach law?

“Coooourt!” He walks in majestically,

Why shouldn’t he?

Rigorous research,

Numerous reading,

Fountain of knowledge. All equipped in a body.

Objection my lord! Objection overruled.

Objection sustained!

Soothing words to my ear, makes me want to speed everything up.

But really, want to be that one

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Who will be a voice for the masses;

Gani Fawehinmi (SAN) in me

I want to be a great protagonist to an independent judiciary;

Justice Kayode Eso in me

What if I am studying law to practice law?

It is not a lucrative profession;

Whoever walks into it with the motive

Ends up bringing disgrace to the noble profession.

No! I didn’t say we are poor,

We are just intellectual and purpose driven fellow.

I am studying law to be able to nurture intellects; make them understand how important and necessary they are to the society.

At the same time show forth my lawyering prowess in practice.

Everything seems impossible till it’s done.

Full Name: Olajugba Oluwatosin Joseph

Name of school: University of Lagos

Year/Level: 100Level

Email: oluwatosinolajugba@gmail.com

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