Why I am studying to Become a Lawyer – Yetunde Akanbi #LSFBC

studying to be a lawyer
studying to be a lawyer

Monday blues…

Black and white hues…

Over and over and over…… Im still here; studying to become, one who sues.

Why am I still here? Why did I choose to study this?

My “VIEW” on the Law:

Versatility: Law although challenging is a fascinating course of study. It is ever changing and therefore, one must be ready to learn on a lifelong basis. It is that course that allows you read vastly and have a little knowledge about everything. By my third year when I started choosing elective subjects, I realised that it is not all about going into a court room to argue for hours hoping to come out as the victor after spilling out a mirage of cases and precedents from your biblical brief. Being a lawyer rather gives you an analytical mind enough to allow you harness a wide range of career choices and evidently succeed as is obtainable in Nigeria at present. It is not a narrow path of legalistic vocabulary rather the bridge to an ocean of immeasurable opportunities.

Impact: Albeit cliché, I wanted to also study law because of the great impact I feel could be made in the society at large with it. The law has proven time and time again that it is a cure for the ailing country. I therefore still study because I have hope to be the defender of the defenceless, a voice for the silenced and to make a great impact in the world like great lawyers before me have. I also strive to be a justice of the Supreme Court and to interpret the law fairly and justly, that the wrongdoer does not go scot free and the righteous is not punished unjustly.

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Empowerment: The law is furthermore a symbol of empowerment. Although challenging to study ( and maybe practice), it solidly empowers every law student and imbibes in him courage, integrity, ethics, confidence, communication skills amongst others. It also allows us effectively handle situations easily which are tougher for the layman. For instance, in every discussion that comes up in  my room, there is always an edge I have over non-law students especially concerning world issues and how to resolve disputes. We practice what we learn daily whether we know or not as it has become a second nature.

Writing: I love my study of law more importantly because of the writing skills I have garnered from seasoned lecturers in my faculty and other lawyers I have met from my interning experiences. I hope learn more as I am in the course of writing my project work and to later on apply this knowledge to writing compelling briefs and other articles.

Full Name : Yetunde Akanbi

Name of School: University of Lagos

Year/Level: 500

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