Tochi Eziukwu’s Book “Dream Like a Fool, Act Like a Lawyer is a Must Buy!


Dream Like Fool, Act Like a Lawyer 

Anybody can dream, and that includes fools too. But the real deal is how to take these dreams and make them tangibles in our hands.

In this book, the author takes you on an adrenaline-charged journey on a new way to dream; and that is dreaming like a fool, but more importantly, on a new way to act, and that is- acting like a lawyer.

The author draws an interesting similarity between how lawyers prosecute cases in court, and how people with dreams can mirror them in successfully prosecuting their dreams in life.

This book is full of different kinds of models of how anybody with dreams can act like lawyers in other to give their dreams a good hot chase.

So if you want fluffs, go elsewhere. If you want cuddling, don”t read this. If you want airy-fairy, not here. But if you want practical, challenging and inspiring guidance to help you achieve those lofty dreams of yours, whether you are a lawyer or a bricklayer, then this book is for you.

Do you have dreams you want to achieve? Here is a dream-smashing tool for you. Go smash those dreams with this book.

Lawyers are creative, Lawyers are intelligent, Lawyers are smart,  Lawyers are fun to be with! 

Tochi Eziukwu is a combination of the above and more. (DNL Legal & Style)

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