The Trinity Towers, the Amazing Works of Chief Kanu Agabi SAN


Did you know that Kanu Agabi SAN has a whole building called Trinity Towers in a place called Mabushi in Abuja where lawyers are accommodated free of rent. Well thanks to Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, Esq you now know. Please read the story below:

I had cause to visit a friend’s Chambers in Abuja, so I needed help to locate the place. He had sent me the address as: Trinity Towers, Mabushi, FCT, Abuja. So I had to ask another friend to direct me. Upon showing him the address, he smiled, and then I became curious. Why the smile, I asked? Then he told me the following amazing story of human kindness and philanthropy.

The Trinity Towers, is owned by Elder Chief Kanu Godwin Agabi, SAN, former Attorney-General of the Federation. It is a massive edifice of several floors, occupied solely by lawyers. No rent is paid for occupation, save service charges to keep the complex going. And there are several Senior Advocates of Nigeria, who have their offices in this complex, free of any charges at all.

I was told that Chief Agabi conceived of this project many years ago, as a way of helping lawyers to settle down in their law practice. I was told of a particular lawyer, who was a staff of the Supreme Court, very young in age but had to retire at the mandatory tenure of 35 years of service. Chief Agabi settled him in the complex, to start his career in private law practice, free of any charges.

So I became curious to visit the complex and see things for myself. It was indeed an imposing edifice and I personally confirmed several offices of lawyers and Senior Advocates of Nigeria, in the complex. I then went round asking questions.

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The lawyers that I spoke to confirmed that occupation of the complex is free of any rent at all. Beyond the free rent, lunch is served free at the complex to everybody from Monday to Friday of every week. Amazing! So I went to the kitchen downstairs, to interview the staff, just to be sure I heard correctly. It was indeed confirmed that lunch is free. You just go there, pick a plate, sit down, and you’re served. No ticket, no identity card, no requirement at all!

I was jumping in my spirit, especially when I got to know that the Trinity Towers predates the tenure of Chief Agabi as Attorney-General of the Federation. As I was leaving the complex, I was then directed to the new complex, just beside the Trinity Towers, which Chief Agabi is building for another philanthropic project.

This is surely a good way to give back to society. I am encouraged and lifted by this singular act of kindness, while I pray that God will count it for righteousness for Chief Kanu Godwin Agabi, SAN, in Jesus name.

I urge lawyers and others blessed by God to give back to the people. This is a motivation for me, to do even more, as God directs.

Ebun-olu Adegboruwa, Esq.,
Lekki, Lagos.

Quite inspiring!

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